Antonio Bonilla Coaching

Hello. I’m Antonio, and I am a Personal Empowerment Coach. That means I am here to teach you tools to inspire and motivate you to make the changes in your life that will help you to be your most authentic self.

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Pricing Breakdown

Introductory Session


15 Minutes

A 15-minute phone call or meeting to establish whether or not coaching is the right step for you.

Personal Empowerment

Sliding Scale $25-$100

1 Hour

We will discuss your specific empowerment goals and establish a plan to complete the work sucessfully.

Motivation Session


30 Minutes

An empowering conversation to help you remain focused on your personal empowerment goals when inner conflict arises.

Soul Retrieval


10 Hours

An exploration of one's life from the earliest memory until the current moment i

Practical Ritual Workshop


1 Hour

A how-to workshop on the creation and use of ritual practices that are applicable to here and now.

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